Magnetic eyelashes are lashes with a magnetic strip/band that adheres to your eyes by using magnetic eyeliner. Paired with DESSLASH Magnetic liner, provides an all day secure hold.

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    Quasi means seemingly apparently, but not really. These lashes are seemly hair like, but not really. They are not made from silk, but have a silky more natural looking than the traditional faux mink eyelashes.

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    Sans means without. This collection consists of lashes SANS MAGNETS (without magnets). Pair these lashes with DESSLASH Dual Magic Liner Adhesive markers.

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    Express yourself with these colorful lashes. Whether mink, or quasi, these lashes will make you stand out in the crowd. Express yourself with bright colors like purple, blue and green.

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  • UmberLash

    Umber means dark brown. DESSLASH is unlike any other lash company. We could have called these lashes "Brown Lashes" but why? Where are my fair skinned, red heads, blondes and albino lashers? These lashes are for you!

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  • DIYLash

    Why pay lash extension prices when you can Do-It-Yourself with the DESSLASH DIY Lashes. There are over 40 lash styles to pick from. Customize your look.

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