Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner


Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

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  • Must be used with DESSLASH Magnetic Lashes
  • Apply the same way as liquid eyeliner
  • Waterproof & Smudgeproof
  • Easy to Apply - 2 minutes or less!
  • Vegan

The DESSLASH Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner is applied in the same manner as liquid eyeliner, expect, this liner has is MAGNETIZED!! 

This Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner makes lash application simple.

1- Apply at least 1 coat of liner to the lash line.

2- Allow up to 1-2 mins for the liner to completely dry, this will allow for a strong all day hold.  (While waiting for liner to dry fit the lash strip to you eye)

3- Apply lashes either with your hand or with a lash tool. The lashes will fall into place. The magnetized eyeliner will attract the small magnets on the eyelash strip and the lashes will fall into place!


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