Always customer focused, we celebrate YOU, with the new #NAMEALASH campaign. During this campaign, YOU the consumer, can name a DESSLASH Luxury eyelash. The eyelash that you name can have a story, a message, a purpose and DESSLASH is the perfect vehicle to spread that content. Here are our beautiful lashers who named our previous lashes in our collection.

*Spend $100+ including a lash from the #namealash collection and you can rename that lash.

Named The Sophia Lash

Aug 14, 2022 Tracey Jefferson

"Sophia, Sophia, Sophia.."  Remember that line from one of the greatest movies of all times..The Color Purple? The is what you hear in your head when you wear  the Sophia Lash.

Named the Marie Lash

Aug 09, 2022 Magazalarım

“I love those lashes. I’m truly blown away by your quality of everything. I’ve never had ANYTHING named after me. It’s kinda exciting.”

@DrRema wears the Purple Reign Lash

Aug 08, 2022 Tracey Jefferson

Wearing this Purple Reign Lash makes one feel closer to the Great Purple One! Rest in Purple Paradise Prince Rogers Nelson

Named the Celeste Lash

Aug 01, 2021 Magazalarım

“I am known for my midday napping, especially after eating ;-) fell asleep only to wake to these beauties on my doorstep. Thank you @desslash.”