Green with Envy Lash


Green with Envy Lash

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Green With Envy Lash

  • Magnetic: None
  • Uses: Up To 25 Wears
  • Material:  Dyed Mink
  • Color: Green
  • Eyeglass Friendly: NO
  • Effect: Round/Bold/FullBody
  • Volume: XXTRA VOLUME
  • Shape: Fluttery/Wispy/Dense
  • Item Type: Eyelash Strip
  • #NAMEALASH: Not available to be re-named 

    As seen on Real Lasher @Lashanta504 from #My600lbLife

Lash Details:

  • Green With Envy Lash is an XXTRA VOLUME Eyelash. She provides color and drama to the natural lash with a round look, which opens the eye  
  • Hairs will not fall apart with the durable lash strip
  • Dramatic, soft with a natural curve similar to human hair 
  • Perfect for round and large eye shapes
  • Should be used with DESSLASH Magic Liner or DESSLASH Lash Glue 

What's Included:

  • 1 Set Mink Eyelash Strip


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