DIY1919 Lash


DIY1919 Lash

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Natural looking 10 Lash clusters

Various lengths in this tray. XtraShort, Short, Medium size DIY lash clusters are included on this DESSLASH DIY Tray. Clusters can be placed anywhere on the natural lash line. DIY lashes are very soft and natural looking. They come in a variety of styles, lengths, and thickness. The clusters feature evenly spaced criss-crossed fibers.  

Create your own DIY Personal look by combing different DESSLASH DIY Lash styles.  DESSLASH DIY Lash clusters will accentuates the natural lash by adding more  voluminous look.

Perfect for beginners or for those who like the look of Lash Extensions but not the price. If you can put on mascara, you can use the DESSLASH DIY Bond that brushes on like mascara.
  • Quasi (faux mink/synthetic) DIY Lash clusters add maximum glamour for a everyday or dramatic and volumizing look
  • Quick and Easy application
  • Thin band
  • Comparable to Falscara
  • 8 lash clusters, lengths vary from 4mm to 18mm
  • Korean Silk las fibers: vegan & cruelty free
  • Light fibers 0.1mm thick
  • Use with DESSLASH 2-in-1 Bond/Primer, DESSLASH Lash Remover, DESSLASH Professional Grade Lash Glue, all sold separately
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