DIY Self-Adhesive Lash Kit


DIY Self-Adhesive Lash Kit

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DIY Self-Adhesive Lash Kit


With this new #lashtechnology you DO NOT NEED #lashglue #lash2in1glue or #magicliner. All you need is 2 minutes and the DESSLASH exclusive DIY Self-Adhesive lash kit. 

You do not even need #HAIR. The #stickylashstrip sticks to your skin! #eyelashhair is not required.
The kit can be used with any non-magnetic eyelash strip!
Before applying the self-adhesive lash make sure the eye area is free from oils. The adhesive strip will not stick well on oils or soiled skin. 

1. Remove the small lash holder from the tray
2. Prepare lash strip. If re-using a lash strip make sure to remove old lash glue or makeup debris
3. Gently fus the eyelash band into the self adhesive strip on the small lash holder 
4. Use the tool to gently press the lash onto the adhesive strip.
5. Pay close attention to not touch or disturb the sticky adhesive strip.
6. Gently but firmly pull the newly attached lash strip from the lash holder.
7. Apply the eyelash as close as possible to your natural lash line

What's Included:

  • 1 DIY Self-Adhesive Lash Kit
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