DESSLASH is the latest innovator in the Eyelash industry. 

DESSLASH offers an exquisite line of Luxury Magnetic Eyelashes made from the finest Mink and Silk fibers. DESSLASH was founded on four pillars:

Those four pillars are the cornerstone behind the creation and launch of DESSLASH. They form the DESSLASH "Formula": Determination + Execution + Sacrifice = Success Pioneered by a founder motivated by the tenacity to achieve even the most challenging goals , the dedication and sacrifices invested in this amazing product line are a clear indication success is inevitable; hence the acronym DESS.

We are NOT JUST among the newest Magnetic eyelash lines on the market, DESSLASH is a company with a purpose, and a mission to make a profound and lasting impact on the beauty world. DESSLASH will use its influence to evoke change in the beauty culture, spread messages of self- confidence, and inspire all people to look and feel good from the inside out. DESSLASH products are currently available at www.desslash.com. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms to get the latest updates on new launches, promotions, special offers, and more.

DESSLASH is the latest innovator in the Eyelash industry. 

The Founder/CEO, Tracey D. Jefferson

Tracey's love for eyelashes, her outgoing, "extra" personality, and lifetime commitment to being of service to others perfectly aligned with an entrepreneurial vision to motivate her to launch this latest lash line.

She has worked diligently to create a line of products that exceed market standards. DESSLASH prides itself on being a line of products that caters to ALL people, no matter the ethnicity, economic status sexual orientation, gender or race. DESSLASH is a gender-inclusive lash line, if you have eyes you can wear DESSLASH lashes.

Always customer focused, we celebrate YOU, with the new #NAMEALASH campaign. During this campaign, YOU the consumer, can name a DESSLASH Luxury eyelash. The eyelash that you name can have a story, a message, a purpose and DESSLASH is the perfect vehicle to spread that content.

 Learn more about the largest lash collection on the internet with DESSLASH Talks Vlogs at desslash.com